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AstroPAH is a newsletter focused on research about polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in astronomical environments.

The main goal of AstroPAH is to bridge the gap in communication between scientists working on different aspects of the PAH model (laboratory, theory, astronomical observation) and promote further development in this field.

Each month, AstroPAH publishes the abstracts of newly accepted papers, thesis, and dissertations relevant to the world of interstellar PAHs. Sections dedicated to job announcements and meetings are also included, as well as a "Picture of the Month" (used for the cover of AstroPAH) and the "In Focus" section (a special article about any topic relevant to the PAH research).

Following the necessity for a multidisciplinary approach, researchers of all fields (Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, ...) are welcome to submit the abstracts of their most recent papers on the subject.

The Editorial Team:

Alexander Tielens (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Isabel Aleman (Federal University of Itajuba, Brazil)
David Dubois (NASA/Ames, USA)
Helgi Rafn Hrodmarsson
(Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Kin Long Kelvin Lee (MIT, USA)
Donatella Loru
(DESY Germany)
Elisabetta Micelotta (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Ella Sciamma-O'Brien (NASA/Ames, USA)
Sandra Wiersma (IRAP, France)

Former Members of the Editorial Board:
Alessandra Candian
Anemieke Petrignani
Amanda Steber