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To submit abstracts of your recent accepted papers or approved thesis/dissertation, or to advertise job oportunities and events related to the world of astronomical PAHs, follow the instructions below:

Contribute to "PAH Picture of the Month" and "In Focus"

Send suggestions to the "PAH Picture of the Month" and "In Focus" section to our e-mail: astropah (at)

Use the word "Contribution" plus the name of the section ("Picture of the Month" or "In Focus") as the email subject.

Be sure you have the necessary permissions to reprint the images your provide, if this is the case.


  • Only material relevant to Astronomical PAHs and related research (i.e., carbonaceous materials, dust, soot, etc...) will be accepted.

  • If you are in doubt if our paper fits in AstroPAH, contact us by email.

  • We only publish abstracts of papers already accepted and theses/dissertations already approved.

  • Job opportunities should be reported by the person who is offering the position.

  • Meetings should be reported by one of the organizers.

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